How It Works

Premium Sourcing

We source from ranchers and breeders who share our high standards for quality

Shipment and Delivery

Your order is carefully packed and
shipped at your door step.

Cook and Serve

Cook and enjoy delicious meals that match your standard


Trusted Partners and Fair Labor Practices

We believe in better every step of the way. That includes working with people we trust at meat processing facilities with the highest standards for quality.

Our partners’ operating methods are inspired by Dr. Temple Grandin, a member of the Humane Farm Animal Care Program’s scientific committee. Their facilities are routinely inspected and approved by the USDA or a comparable agency.

We believe in fair labor practices. In line with our family and community values, we seek partners who treat their employees as part of a team—and we’re ever thankful for that team. The folks in our facilities make up a crucial part of our supply chain. Without them, keeping food on our members’ tables would be impossible.