Where is Al-Blessed located?

Our headquarters and primary warehouse are located in UAE.

Are Al-Blessed products gluten-free?

While all raw meat is naturally gluten-free, regardless of what the animal is fed, some of our prepared products may contain gluten, or be made in a facility that processes other products that may contain soy, dairy, wheat or tree nuts. Please check individual product details and ingredients.

Can I refreeze frozen items which have thawed slightly during transit?

While Al-Blessed exercises the highest standards of refrigeration, it is possible under some conditions for frozen products to partially thaw in transit. It is safe to refreeze foods that have thawed under refrigeration. We recommend either putting in the refrigerator and using within 5 days, or freezing within 48 hours of receiving your order.

How long will frozen products last in my freezer?

Generally, freezing keeps food safe almost indefinitely, with quality being affect by the freezer conditions and length of time being frozen. A key component to maintaining quality is ensuring the wrapping/packaging of the product is not permeable to air (i.e vacuum sealed). For optimum taste and tenderness, store all frozen foods at 0° F (or lower) to retain vitamin content, color, flavor and texture. If you do not vacuum seal all your frozen food and/or given your home freezer may not be that cold, we recommend you use frozen products within 4 weeks of receipt.

Do you have a printed consumer catalog?

No. Currently, we don’t have a consumer catalog – as the website serves to identify the products currently available to our home consumers.

Do You Offer Wholesale Pricing to Restaurants, Hotels and Retailers?

Yes we do! Please take a minute to submit our New Wholesale Customer Request Form and one of our local Sales Managers will happily contact you.

Have more questions?

Email us at sales@al-blessed.ae, purchase@al-blessed.ae or give us a call at +971-556950979, +971-562291245.